Penn State Checks

Penn State University started out as a simpe agricultural university. Generation after generation, it has sprawned great minds and sent them out into the world to influence others. This University is well known for its incredibly successful football team. The Nittany Lions have proven their determonation and valor by streaking consecutive wins many times in a row. For those of you who went to Penn State University, the years of your young adulthood were filled with adventure, team spirit, fun and good quality education, If you would like to have a constant reminder of probably the best years in your life, now you have an amazing opportunity to feature your very own Penn State Personal Checks.

By sending out these checks, you will bring back good memories, and make your friends, colleagues and former fraternity or sorority members feel the same! Share these checks even with those who did not attend your alma mater. Spread the team spirit around and never forget your university days with Penn State Checks.