Notre Dame Checks

The University of Notre Dame is a catholic research university based in Indiana. Named after the Notre Dame for 'Our Lady' in French, this University has been gathering some of the brightest young minds from the United States of America. Not quite the Ivy League member, Notre Dame University has managed to lure the students with the positive atmospher e, academic masterminds as teachers, and a rather busy student social lifestyle.

Share your team spirit with the world by using Notre Dame University Personal Checks. Show your support to the Fighting Irish, one of Indiana's best and most popular football teams.

These unique checks feature vivid images of the Notre Dame University campus and most significant buildings, specifically designed to evoke that nostalgic feeling towards your university.

The Notre Dame basketball team is one of the most famous varsity basketball teams. Extremely popular for their extensive trophy collection, this impressive team has been a role model for many basketball teams throughout the States. Their sense of team spirit, resolution and fair play has sky-rocketed them into the top of varsity sports names. Spread the spirit with Notre Dame University Checks.