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Welcome to University Checks!

Most people remember their days at university as the best days of their lives. Our days spent at the university were our first days of true freedom. We got the opportunity to test our independence, to prove our strength and become who we really are. For most people, their days at the university brought so many new opportunities, and opened many doors. Living alone, or with roommates molded our personalities and taught us what we can or cannot tolerate, frequent social gatherings connected us with strangers, forging new friendships along the way. With new friends and, more often than not, new love interests, memories of our university are often the sweetest.

Even though those days have passed, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the memories. With University Personal Checks, you can have a constant reminder of your first days of freedom. Keep the collegiate spirit alive with these amazing checks, featuring the team colors, mascots and logos of your alma mater.